Committee Organizational Structure

Committee Organizational Structure

committee organization is an association of individuals set up to reach at resolutions to common challenges which are faced by the organization.

It gives the line individuals opportunities to discuss their challenges in the committee. The 
committee organizational structure is not like a line or functional organization.

But it is like to staff organization. Its decisions are executed, whereas staff decisions are not certainly implemented.  

It is an official part of the organizational structure wherein the members are maybe as for an example in the finance committee, it will include all the functional managers who are the best in their skill i.e. Marketing Manager, Production Manager, Personnel Managers and the Managing Director will be in the role as the chairperson and they will do the discussion on the financial requirements of every department and what challenges they are facing and how to resolve them.

And, the final decisions taken by the committee are followed by the line people, we can say that the committees are the representatives of various functional departments.

The committee's organizational structure delivers cohesive ideas of various related company people who are coming from various fields and various skills. 

We can see the authentic form of a picture of participative management under committee organization. When various field peoples come to them under the committee organization, then new ideas and solutions came for various challenges, and how to deal with it.

It is an excellent example of democratic management, where every member has an equal opportunity to raise his voice and come to a common resolution.

We can say that flexibility and technical excellence are possible in this organization. They calm the top management from certain challenges.

The company can meet the uncertain environment in a better way. It simplifies high-quality and advanced explanations to practical problems. 

Coordination and control become easy because it invites open discussion in the committee. Ideas and specialized functions are practicable under committee organization.

Though committee organizational structure may prove vain sometimes because of time-consuming and incompetent policies, aggressive attitudes of some persons, and inactive role of a particular group.

The committee of the organization should not be used to extra or support incompetent managers. An able and experienced top manager with the capacity to handle the minutes of the committee and manage resentful employees during meetings can get the maximum benefits out of committee organization. On the conflicting, a weak and submissive manager or chairperson may cause several problems in committee organization.

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