What are the advantages of democratic leadership?

We know this democratic leadership style as one of the most effective for leaders in managerial positions, and it can carry many benefits to an organization.

A democratic leader is one who calls the people for the participation from others in the organization for the decision-making process. A democratic leader encouraged to people participate which I have discussed in theory ‘Y’ in this article of assumptions of McGregor’s Theory 


The word ‘democracy’ comes from Greek roots and means “rule by people.” In democratic systems in
 which the people have the authority to choose their governing legislators

WinstonChurchill once said 

“No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

At this juncture, with his characteristic wittiness, he advocates that while imperfect, democratic governance is still more effective than any alternative.

When we talking about democratic leadership in any business organization, we think  Mr. Winston Churchill's quote is not wrong.

1. Democratic leadership encourages participation 
In the democratic leadership they invite participation and involvement from people who are working in the organization who are not representative of the organizations but encouragement feelings of involvement and inclusion, the particular team members are made to feel more important. 
When the team members have seen that their concern are heard they feel that more valued and integrated into an organization.

2. Brings more viewpoints to the table 
When we added to encourage people the participation in the decision-making process the picture of a wider pool of experience and their various opinion brings more input for the decision-making process. This includes adding a free flow of more ideas, strengthened by a different point of view, and it's reflecting the diversity of from the various team members, it may lead to decisions to higher standards.

3. Allows for more efficient problem solving

When more minds working on the problem, the number of potential solutions will increase. When getting the potential solutions and holding up to comment - and criticism which comes from various members of the team is a decent way to identify weaknesses and disadvantages before implementation of a particular idea.

4. Invites higher levels of commitment
When you introduced a good idea to the table and it is heard, discussed, and potentially implemented in an eventual course of action, As this culture, develops recognized, teams become more united and team members are likely to feel higher levels of commitment and involvement.

5. Builds team relationships
We used the word “united” in the above heading to invite a higher level of commitment. In the workplace where people communicate, ideas flow, and various discussions on the table, the seeds are sown for more solid team relations. 

6. It can function in almost any workplace
While some leadership styles perform the best way in a narrow range which may be bureaucratic leadership, the democratic leadership is able to succeed in many organizations.

7. Anyone can practice this leadership style
Democratic leadership is existing to anyone, and because some burdens of decision-making are shifted from the leader to the team, despite this, it links higher competence up with better success. Educating a personal understanding of individualities required to make democratic leadership work, and an understanding of how to efficiently implement them, is important

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