What is the Elements of Communication Process?

What is the Elements of Communication Process?

The transmission of sender’s ideas to the receiver and the receiver’s feedback or reaction to the sender constitute the communication cycle.

The process of communication begins when one person (the sender) wants to transmit a facts, idea or opinion or other information to the receiver.

This facts, idea or message into a language which reflects the idea. That is the message must be encoded. The encoding process is influenced by content of the message. The Familiarity of sender and receiver and other situation of factors.

After the message has been encoded, it is transmitted through the appropriate channel or medium. The Common channel in organization includes meetings, reports, memorandums, letter, e-mail, fax and telephone calls. When the message is received, it is decoded, by the receiver and gives feedback to the sender as the conformation about the particular message has been carefully understand or not.

Elements of Communication

The process of communication involves the following elements: –

  1. Sender or transmitter: The person who desires to convey the message is known as sender. Sender initiates the message and changes the behaviour of the receiver.
  2. Message: It is a subject matter of any communication. It may involve any face idea, opinion or information. It must exist in the mind of the sender if communication is to take Place.
  3. Encoding: The communicator of the information organizes his idea into series of symbols (words, signs, etc.) which, he feels will communicate to the intended receiver or receivers.
  4. Communication channel: The sender has to select the channel for sending the information. Communication Channel is the media through which the message passes. It is the link that connects the sender and the receiver.
  5. Receiver: The person who receives the message is called receiver or receiver is the person to whom the particular message is sent by the transmitter. The Communication process is incomplete without the existence of receiver of the message. It is a receives and tries to understand the message.

The Communication Process

  1. Decoding: Decoding is the process of interpretation of an encoded message into the understandable meaning. Decoding helps the receiver to drive meaning from the message.
  2. Feedback: Communication is an exchange process. For the exchange to be complete the information must go back to whom from where it started (or sender), so that he can know the reaction of the receiver. The reaction or response of the receiver is known as feedback.
  3. Brain Drain: On whole process there is a possibility of misunderstanding at any level and is called brain drain. It may arise on sender side if they do not choose the adequate medium for delivery of message, by using default channel and it may also arise when receiver does not properly decode the message. In other words, we can say that it is breakdown of cycle at any level.

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