What do you mean by Media of Communication?

What do you mean by Media of Communication?


Medium of Communication is the means of transmitting or to pass a message to receiver.

Some Medium of Communication carry out to pass a message in written words and/or pictures/graphics and other media carry the voice and Electronic media can carry both voice and words.

The message can pass or transmitted by any suitable medium of communication which would be Each medium has its own characteristics which are fruitful in one situation and disadvantage in another situation. Each medium a different kind of impression and impact on the receiver.


To choose the medium for communication which need to following point to keeping considerations:-

1.      Type of Audience

If we want the audience reach is educated, then the written form of communication may be used, but in case of uneducated audience, pictures, symbols or voice may be more suitable. Similarly, it would be depending upon who is the receiver, based on the information the medium of communication would be selected.

2.      Need for Confidentiality 

If confidentiality is required for the message to be transmitted, it can not be sent by media like telex or fax, even if the message is urgent. The Choice of the media will definitely be influenced by the requirement of Confidentiality.

3.      Need for Accuracy

Need for accuracy in transmission is not the same for all the messages. The alphabetical data may not be need as much accuracy as the numerical data does, based on the information the medium of communication would be selected or consideration.

4.      Need for Reliability

Need for reliability of the medium is an important factor. Sending a message by hand delivery is more reliable than ordinary mail; similarly, registered post is more reliable than ordinary mail.

5.      Speed/Time Considerations

The pressure of time and the distance between the sender and the receiver influence the choice of the medium. Media like telephone, telex, fax and email are the fastest in this case.

6.      Cost of the Medium

Cost of the medium, keeping in view its urgency and relative importance is one major factor to be considered. If the message is not very urgent or important, low cost media, like ordinary post, etc. may be chose.

7.      Availability of a Medium

A particular medium should be available to the sender as well as the receiver for the message to be transmitted. The sender can send the message through telephone only if the receiver has this facility available.

8.      Feedback Capacity

For some messages, immediate feedback is required. In such a case, that medium should be chosen, which has the capacity for immediate feedback, like the telephone.

9.      Availability of a printed (hard copy) for record

If a printed copy of the message is require for record, and then the message cannot be transmitted by oral or vocal mediums like telephone. In this case, letter, e-mail or fax may be suitable.

10.  Requirement of the Situation

Sometimes, a particular situation may create the need for a particular medium of transmission. For example, to offer a formal note of thanks or to officially congratulate somebody, a written communication may be more suitable.

11.  Intensity and complexity of the message

Many messages have an emotional content, or may be complex in nature or carry an intense result with them. Care base to be taken while choosing the medium for such messages.


Media refers to the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data. It is either associated with communication media, or the specialized communication business such as: Print media and the press, photography, advertising, cinema, broadcasting (radio and television), and/or publishing.

“A medium is a device for moving information through time or space.” – Defleur and Dennis.

Below diagram represents the various media used for effective communication.

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