Trends and challenges of Management in Global Scenario

As we have already discussed about the scientific management era on my previously post if you want to find out further details you may gone through by this link Contribution of F. W. Taylor in Scientific Management Era also we had discussion about that why Henri Fayol is considered as the Father of the Modern Management Theory and what he has given 14 Principles of Management which we have discussed about on this post you can gone through by this link 14 Principles of Management.

So, Now we are going to discussed about what is Trends and Challenges of Management in Global Scenario.

As we know that the management functions are Planning and Decision Making, Organizing, Leading and Controlling are just relevant to international managers which they have to need clear view of where they want their business to be in future?

So, they have to Organize to implement their plan accordingly, and they have to motivate to those who are working with them and they need to have develop appropriate control mechanism so now next we will discuss about that as following:-

1. Planning and Decision making in a Global Scenario 

To effective plan and make decisions in a global, economy managers must have a broad based understanding of  the environmental issues and Competitive issues.

And they need to have understand local market conditions and what is the technological factor that will affect their operations.

At when we talked about corporate level, executive need a great deal of information to function effectively:-
  1. Which market is growing?
  2. Which market is shrinking?
  3. Who are our domestic and foreign competitors?
They must also make variety of strategic decision about their organizations.

2. Organizing in a Global Scenario

Managers in International business must also attend to a variety of organizing issues for example General Electric has operations scattered around the globe. The firm made the decision to give local managers a great of responsibility for how to run their business.

Managers in an International business must address the basic issues of organizations structure and design, managing change and dealing with Human Resources. 

3. Leading in Global Scenario 

Individual managers must be prepared to deal the these and other factors as the interact people from different cultural backgrounds. 

Supervising a group of five managers each of whom is from a different regions is likely to be much simpler than supervising a group of five managers, each of whom is from different culture. 

Managers must to understand How cultural factors affects individuals? How motivational process vary across cultures? How the leadership changes in different cultures? How communication varies across cultures, and How interpersonal and group process depend on cultural background?

4. Controlling in a Global Scenario

Finally, Managers in international organizations must also be concerned with control, distance, time zone differences and cultural factors also play a role in control for example in some cultures, close supervision is seen as being appropriate, whereas in other cultures is not like wise, executive in the USA and Japan may find it difficult to communicate vital information to one another because of the Time Zone Difference. 

Basic control issues for the international managers revolve around the operations management, productivity, quality, technology and information system.

So, friends at the above we have discussed Trends and Challenges of Management in Global Scenario.

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