Management is said to have universal application. How do you justify the Universality of Management? Give examples to illustrate your arguments.

Management is said to have universal application. How do you justify the Universality of Management? Give examples to illustrate your arguments.

Although we know that every organization has people who are assigned to for particular work and give them responsibility of serving the organization and serving the goals and those who are act on this work and responsibility is called Managers.

And we know that no organization can not be run it business without management which is run through supervised by Managers.

Management is a Universal application why it is saying so because in every organization which would be profitable or non-profitable requires

1. What would be their objective and plan?
2. How to handling people?
3. How to Coordinating?
4.  How to controlling activities what is going on the organization?
5.  How to achieving Goals.

According to the question Why Management is called Universal Application.

According to this concept of Universality of Management has several implications.
  • Managerial skills are transferable from one person to another person.
  • Management skills can be transferred to from one organization to other organization.
  • Management skills as per the Global scenario managerial skills can transfer from one country to another country
According some management guru support the Universality of Management on the group that whatever the situation is going on and whatever the level of management the management function would be common which would be as:-
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Leading
  • Controlling
As we have already discussed the common principles or general theory of management which is under the scientific management which under the scientific management era by FW Taylor for details you can gone through by this article Contribution of F. W. Taylor in Scientific Management Era.

According to Fayol acting in their managerial capacity, president, college dean, bishops, and head of government agencies all are do same things.

According to Koontz and ‘O’ Donnell, “Management fundamental have universal applications in every kind of enterprises and at every level of the enterprises.”

But some other management thinkers oppose the Universality of Management.

According to Peter Drucker “The skills, the competence, the experience of management cannot, as such, be transferred and applied to the organization and running of other institutions. A career in management is, by itself, not preparation for major political office or leadership in the armed force, the church or a university.”

According to C.Mc Millan and R.W. Gonzalez,” Management philosophy is culture-bound and it is not universally applicable. External forces affect management philosophy.”

So, now why the Management is said to have universal application?

As we know management require all organization which would be profitable organization or non-profitable organization.

As we know that managerial function is planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling have seen in every organization.

According to Koontz and O’ Donell,” as a manager, each must at one time or another, carry out all the duties characteristic of managers. This is the principle of universality of the managerial function.”

The distinction between Management Fundamentals and Management Techniques

A specific technique or approach of management may be different from culture to culture or from country to country to country but management fundamental would be universally applicable.

According to Koontz and O’Donnell, identical concepts, theories, and principles apply with equal force in widely different environments. Variation in culture may affect the application of management fundamentals but the fundamentals are having the universality of application.

The distinction between Management Fundamentals and Management Practices

As we know that Management Practice would be different from each another organization but Management fundamentals would be same.
For example, a manger who are working on automobile industry and an automobile designed for use in jungle will be different from that designed for the high-speed superhighway.
But the principles and theories of physical science which is used for designing of the module would be remain same.

If Mangers would shift another industry but his skills and principles of management would be universal, but practice will change.

Transfer ability of Management Principles and Skills
When the Managers has shifted another industry so we know that his skills and principles of management universal same but practice will change.

Arguments Against the Universality Management
Different in Objective
As we know that every organization is doing different activity and they have their different goal if we talked about religious, political and education Institutions. Therefore an business executive can not be a good vice-chancellor of an University.
As no individual can be an equally successful manger as per his academic, military and business organization because the objective of each organization is different.

Differences in philosophies
As we know that each organization has different philosophies one who want quick profit which would have their short-term goal, they don’t have people value and the other side they want serve people and see their business with long term.

Management Culture-bound
Every country has different culture and varying levels of economic development we should noted that Culture consist of attitudes, beliefs and values of a society. There is difference in personality traits and educational, social, political and economic standard are also different. When the ground rules under which a manager operates are different in different cultures then common strategies of management will not be possible.

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